Crops Covered :
Agri - Products Covered
Paddy (Rice) Cotton
Wheat Sunflower
Sugarcane Soyabean
Jowar Mustard
Bajra (Pearl Millet) Vegetables
Maize (Corn)  
Tractors Seeds
Agro Engines Insecticides
Sprayers Fungicides

Types of Studies Conducted
 Tracking of Inputs Usage    Cultural Practices  Economics of Cultivation
Product Concept Testing    Product Testing     Pricing        Packaging

Syndicated Studies Conducted
The Market for Seeds in India
The Market for Vegetable Seeds in India
Cotton Crop Track
Sunflower Crop Track
Soyabean Crop Track
Cotton Crop Track : 2013-2014
A Study on Paddy in India : 2013-2014
(A Syndicated Study on Agro-chemicals and Seeds)
The Market for Agro-chemicals in India : 2006
The Market for Seeds in India : 2006
A study on paddy, vegetables, wheat, pulses and fruits: 2006
(A Syndicated Study on Agrochemicals)
A study on paddy and vegetables: 2006
(A Syndicated Study on Seeds)
The Francis Kanoi Compilation of Agriculture in India 2006