Francis Kanoi has a sophisticated software development cell which has developed world-class software.

One of the earliest software developed by the company simulated vehicle choice behaviour of two-wheeler buyers, their preferences, trade-offs made, etc., together with the market data, to estimate potential for new two-wheelers as the key features are varied. It went beyond to even identify the contribution that the new vehicle is likely to get from the buyers of existing brands.

By the early nineties, Francis Kanoi had started building up in-house software development capabilities to make it easy for the decision makers to use the large databases that were being generated by the company.

The initiatives started with providing, on the desktop, a detailed analysis of agro-chemicals markets and the retailers. In the mid-nineties, it culminated in A Database of Consumer Electronics and Appliances Dealers in the country, which is, perhaps, the most sophisticated database and software on retailers available for any industry, anywhere in the world.

This database was an outcome of a mammoth exercise covering each of the nearly 4000 urban entities in the country, together with several hundred large rural entities where retailers were located. It enabled the decision makers to analyse the status of their distribution vis-a-vis competition in every conceivable way, from the country as a whole, to individual markets.

This database and the software are being used by almost every major company in the Consumer Electronics and Household Appliances field in India.

The latest effort is a database of 50,000 truckers and bus operators in the top 100 cities in the country .This was developed in 2004.

Francis Kanoi was also one of the earliest in the country to master GIS software. It has taken this mastery further by obtaining licenses for GIS tools and incorporating GIS capabilities into database software for use by the decision makers.