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A Syndicated study on Seeds
This nationwide study on Paddy and Vegetables estimates the quantum of the consumption of seeds, the quantum of different types of seeds used in terms of Public and Proprietary hybrids etc. and the contribution of various sources to the total consumption.

The study also provides information on seed rate, occurrence of pests and diseases, price paid in the case of seeds that are bought and thereby, estimates the market for seeds, by value.

In addition to the above, the report also ascertains the yield / expected yield from the seeds used, and in the case of paddy farmers, ascertains the type of seeds used, by way of Aromatic, Super fine, Fine, Medium and Coarse grains.

The study also profiles the farmers.

Besides the two main study crops, we also have overview reports based on only the quantitative interviews, on the following crops:

1] Cotton 7] Groundnut
2] Rapeseed & mustard 8] Sugarcane
3] Maize 9] Plantation crops
4] Jowar 10] Pulses
5] Bajra 11] Wheat
6] Soybean 12] Fruits