Francis Kanoi has created a retailer database of some 200,000 consumer electronics and appliances dealers in the country, covering every single market in the country.

Because of its multi-dimensional involvement in several product fields, Francis Kanoi recognized, in the late eighties, the fast-paced changes taking place in the retailing and distribution field.

It was anticipated that when the manufacturers seek out dealers, there would be a need for a scientific approach to planning and controlling the distribution system.

Recognizing this need, the compilation of databases on dealers, with interactive software directly usable by decision makers, was pioneered by Francis Kanoi in the early nineties.

The latest effort in this direction is a database covering 230,000 dealers in almost every one of the nearly 7000 markets in India.

This database is available with a software that allows the decision maker to analyze the distribution in the nooks and corners of the country, from his desk, going down to the details of individual dealers.

Francis Kanoi has demonstrated the power and clarity that this database and the software can provide when used together with a Geographic Information System (GIS) in planning and monitoring distribution in a vast country like India.

Similar work has been done by the company in the agri-inputs field as well.