Each product category exists in its own universe which has evolved through a complex interaction of the dynamic elements that are the companies, customers and the environment. The greater the understanding of this universe through its evolution over time, the greater will be the researcher's ability to look at the different snapshots and understand their implications in predicting behaviour.

This requires the researcher to be an observer of the field from within and outside. It implies understanding the ground realities of the field, interacting with customers and companies, observing their behaviour as the environment changes, and noting the outcomes and how they have changed over time.

In the niches in which it is known, Francis Kanoi is widely seen as a specialist.

As with any marketing research (MR) agency in India which has been around for over two decades, Francis Kanoi has been involved in MR on hundreds of diverse products, covering every conceivable aspect of marketing. Therefore, much of the external perceptions of being specialists in certain fields is largely influenced by our basic approach to research. This approach compels a holistic understanding. If this holistic understanding doesn't exist within Francis Kanoi, it is actively sought from wherever it is available.