The sheer quantum of work done by Francis Kanoi in the field of brand tracking and image analysis has led to a body of "theory" of its own.

An example in this regard is the concept of "brand momentum" to explain the repeatedly observed capability of aggressive new brands to acquire a brand share disproportionate to their preferences. The finding was that changes in status over time measure the ability of a brand to acquire market share better than absolute values at a particular point in time.

Based on these findings, Francis Kanoi has come up with a whole body of theory to explain thresholds where preferences and shares are equal, those where preference is higher than share and vice versa.

In brand image analysis, Francis Kanoi adapted the Differentiation Ratio Analysis, a technique proposed primarily for corporate image studies, to provide tremendous insights on brand image in the Indian context.

It has been used so extensively in such diverse product fields that the company has unmatched expertise in the use of the technique and the interpretation of findings from it.