The exposure of the company to Rural India is so extensive that Francis Kanoi is consulted widely on strategic rural marketing initiatives.

The vastness of exposure that Francis Kanoi has had to rural areas can be gauged by the fact that Francis Kanoi has, over the years, covered over 50,000 villages, conducting over a million interviews as a part of various studies.

Every major study has had researchers from the company, at the highest levels, travelling extensively in the villages.

In doing all this, Francis Kanoi has been a witness to the socio-economic and political transformation that is taking place in the villages across the country, over the last 20 years.

While a sizeable quantum of work done by the company in the villages has been on durables, cycles, two-wheelers, etc., the expertise has mainly come through its intense involvement in research related to agri-inputs.

The agri-inputs research handled by the company has covered every significant crop including rice, wheat, sugarcane, jowar, pulses, cotton, oilseeds and some 25 vegetables. It has covered every conceivable agri-product including seeds, insecticides, fungicides, weedicides, sprayers, agro-engines and tractors.

The kind of studies conducted by us range from qualitative studies on product concepts, choice behaviour and ground realities of retail practices to large quantitative exercises scanning occurrence of pests and weeds, tracking of crops, cultural practices, economics of cultivation, etc..