Francis Kanoi was set up in 1983, to offer marketing research and marketing consultancy services.
It has an atypical operation, with a centralized office in Chennai and a nationwide field infrastructure.
In the field of forecasting, if proven credentials are the yardstick, Francis Kanoi will be the most accomplished in India.
Some of the largest and most widely validated studies conducted in India, in the last 25 years, have been by Francis Kanoi.
A million interviews over 10 years, covering over 50,000 villages, and even senior researchers travelling extensively in the villages, makes Francis Kanoi the first name in Rural Research in India.
Francis Kanoi has created a retailer database covering every single urban entity in the country, together with a software to analyse the retailers in the nooks and corners of the country, from a desktop.
Francis Kanoi has developed world-class software, in-house, on the Visual Foxpro and Visual Basic platforms. It has also worked extensively with GIS software.