This study is pioneering, unique and a marketing planner’s delight.

The report provides meticulous details at the micro level and a deep understanding of how this fast paced market is changing:

In a market that is incredibly fast changing, the study provides a longitudinal perspective on what these changes are.

The study estimates the size of the market and the contribution of different types of mobile phones across 102 geographic entities across the country and across Population Strata as well.

This is the first ever study that quantifies the total universe, the proportion of its components that have acquired a mobile phone, and the progression across the years.

The market has been defined by way of first time and replacement buyers, their numbers have been quantified geographically, and their profile, and how this profile is changing, has also been quantified.

The shares of brands among first time and replacement buyers has been quantified, across the country as a whole, and among individual states and across population strata.

A comprehensive profile of buyers of different types of mobile phones is provided. This would be the base data to analyse the potential for upgrading/replacements.

There are hundreds of details such as this, produced by a study with a mammoth sample of 60,000 mobile phone owners and over 200,000 households.