A dedicated and nationwide study of the market for mobile phone services, commensurate with its vast size, sharp growth and complex nature, has been an urgent need for some time now.

Our study on Mobile Phone Services in India covered over 200,000 households and 60,000 mobile phone users, across the country, and tracks the adoption of mobile phones over time, identifying segments of maturity and those of fast growth. It answers a host of basic questions about the field, as listed below, for which there have been no holistic answers.

1] Who are the current adopters of mobile telephony representing the current market? How are they different from those who adopted earlier?

2] How are those adopting GSM and CDMA services different?

3] Are there differences among those patronizing different mobile service providers? What are they?

4] What are the reasons for patronizing specific mobile phone services?

5] To what extent are there shifts in patronage of mobile phone service providers?

6] What are the reasons why shifts take place from one service provider to another?

7] What is the current penetration of mobile phones among households and individuals?

8] What is the nature/characteristics of expansion in the penetration of mobile phones over the years?

These are just the broad areas of coverage of the study. Given the large frame of reference of households and the massive sample of mobile phone users, the analysis possibilities are numerous.