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This is the fourth round of the pioneering study on the commercial segment that was first conducted by us in 1999, and, again, in 2003, and, again, in 2010.

This study provides a detailed analysis of the market for air-conditioning equipment among commercial establishments in India, as detailed below:

  1] It estimates the size of the market in 2014, for air-conditioning equipment:
- by segments (types of commercial establishments)
- by population strata
- by states
  2] It also estimates the overall growth of the market, and that of the individual segments contributing to it.
  3] It provides a forecast of the demand for air-conditioning equipment in the commercial segment, from 2015 to 2017.
  4] It estimates the shares of the various brands in the market.
  5] And finally, it profiles the current buyers of air-conditioning equipment among the commercial establishments.

The definition of the commercial segment is any place other than a residence. Therefore, it includes offices, showrooms, shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, theatres, marriage halls, entertainment complexes, etc.

The equipment that were covered as a part of this study are:

a] Central air-conditioning plants
b] Ductable Split Air-Conditioners
c] Packaged Air-Conditioners and Telecom PACs
d] VRF/VRV Air-Conditioners
e] Room Air-Conditioners